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Thomas Keith (Ibrahim Agha) – The Scottish Governor of Medina

      Sutcliff’s ‘Blood & Sand’ explores the life of the scotsman Thomas Keith (Ibrahim Agha) who was captured in Egypt. He converts to Islam, taking a lead role in Muhammad Ali Pasha’s army (Ottoman Governor and de facto Ruler of Egypt) and in 1814 is appointed the Governor of Medina. Sutcliff, meticulously writes…

History of the Glorious Quran

History of the Quran is a short article which was initially written by Shaykh Mansoor Mahmood Al-Azhari (Imam, Kirkcaldy Central Mosque). I then edited it to teach a group of students at Zainab Cobbold Institute. The article explores the recording, compilation and vowelisation of the Quran. Diagrams are added for further illustration. Feel free to…

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