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Thomas Keith (Ibrahim Agha) – The Scottish Governor of Medina

      Sutcliff’s ‘Blood & Sand’ explores the life of the scotsman Thomas Keith (Ibrahim Agha) who was captured in Egypt. He converts to Islam, taking a lead role in Muhammad Ali Pasha’s army (Ottoman Governor and de facto Ruler of Egypt) and in 1814 is appointed the Governor of Medina. Sutcliff, meticulously writes … Continue reading Thomas Keith (Ibrahim Agha) – The Scottish Governor of Medina

History of the Glorious Quran

History of the Quran is a short article which was initially written by Shaykh Mansoor Mahmood Al-Azhari (Imam, Kirkcaldy Central Mosque). I then edited it to teach a group of students at Zainab Cobbold Institute. The article explores the recording, compilation and vowelisation of the Quran. Diagrams are added for further illustration. Feel free to … Continue reading History of the Glorious Quran

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